Nothing can happen without the support of investors. Moreton Ventures is committed to supporting and developing vibrant investor community and combined with the recent federal tax incentives for early-stage investors as well as co-investment by the Queensland Government makes it a great time to invest in Australia’s future and be rewarded for the efforts.

Interested in tax effective investing in the future? Early-stage startup investment can be quite risky but also very rewarding both socially and financially. Understanding the perils and pitfalls of early-stage investing is critical to making the right decisions and mitigating inherent investment risk. Angel Investor groups are not investment schemes and will never represent or promote managed investment schemes. It is a private club for active early-stage investors where members can openly discuss amongst each other the investment opportunities pitched and presented. All investments are made directly into the startup businesses themselves and all members are encouraged to seek their own financial advice on any and all investment opportunities. Angels groups syndicate across Queensland, Australia and internationally, leveraging their year of experience in selecting promising businesses and mitigating risk.

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