What is an Accelerator?

An accelerator is a merit-based, fixed-term, cohort-based program, that include mentorship and educational components that culminates in gaining tax effective ESIC status, pitching and raising seed capital from investors.

What is a “Mark to Market” Accelerator

Moreton Endeavour is a revolutionary “Mark to Market” (M2M) Accelerator which only charges a small tuition fee and does not seek any equity in your business. It is designed and run by angel investors who mentor and support your both through the accelerator and capital raising phase and if interested take part in the seed capital raise.

Seed Accelerators often take a small seed capital for equity stake and do nothing in helping you find investors. The conditions associated with seed accelerators are often are not in your or your potential angel investor’s best interest meaning you are often left worse off in terms of attracting seed capital.  Make sure you read the fine print of the program contract.

Unlike seed accelerators, M2M accelerators will not

  • Automatically re/devalue your company to enter the program. Possibly stripping value out of the company.
  • Claim any equity stake in the business for providing the course.
  • Force you to only use their internal overpriced software development team.
  • Take any ownership or force you to sign over control of the business IP.
  • Take control or force managerial control/changes or claim a seat on the board.
  • Change the corporate structure or force a new (possibly unfair) shareholders agreement.

Moreton Endeavour is designed by and for early-stage investors. All capital raises are at market rates as determined by the founders with the support of the angel investors involved in the program. It is designed using worlds best practice in Startup idealization to assist promising businesses understand who their customers are and what the offering really means to them, thereby efficiently grain often difficult early market traction. The program will prepare the startup to pitch and complete the necessary due diligence reports to enable them to receive seed investment with tax deductability from often conservative local angel investors.

How to apply

Coming Soon:

How Endeavour works:

  1. Complete the application process.
  2. Applications are then reviewed and shortlisted.
  3. Shortlisted startups are invited to pitch to the selection panel.
  4. If accepted they will be invited into the Endeavour program.
  5. There will be a maximum of 10 startups in each program (cohort).
  6. You automatically get 50 points (out of 100) towards ESIC status (so can raise money)
  7. You attend the 3 month program
  8. You can apply for 3 free support interns (future staff) for the 3 months. (Pending Federal Law)
  9. You may apply for income support during and after the program (to eligible applicants)
  10. You get training/mentorship/support from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors.
  11. A due diligence report and Information Memorandum is prepared to supply to investors.
  12. You will pitch to local influential investors who may then mentor and champion you.
  13. You will then pitch to local, regional and possibly national investors.

Entrance Criteria

  1. Australian Company no more than 3 years old.
  2. Did not have expenses last financial year of more than $1,000,000.
  3. Did not have assessable income last financial year of more than $200,000.
  4. Not listed on the stock exchange.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Idea must be novel and the management team must be genuinely focused on the commercialization of the idea.
  2. Must demonstrate the high growth potential of the idea.
  3. Must demonstrate how the business can scale.
  4. Must demonstrate that the market is broader then the local market.
  5. Must demonstrate that is possesses a unique selling point that provides a sustainable competitive advantage.

Selection Preference (Highest – Lowest)

First Stage: Enable the company to gain full ESIC status by entering the program. For example:

  • Businesses that have already attracted at least $50,000 from an investor in the past.
  • Businesses that have an Australian or International patent awarded within the last 3 years.
  • Businesses that have a current sponsor (investor) who has already or is willing to invest at least $50,000 into the business before the completion of the program.

Second Stage: To support the most promising businesses.

  • Businesses that are judged by the selection panel to have the greatest probability of success.
  • Businesses that have previously undertaken an incubator or boot camp program.

Applications are opening soon.