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Will you be one of the 100 Startups to get funded?

Want to know if your business idea has investment potential? Want to know what investors are looking for in you and your idea? Try the InvestReady course.

WARNING: You will be pitching to actual Angel Investors

Don McKenzie
Angel Investor

Ruth Drinkwater
Angel Investor

InvestReady is a one-day-intensive course that will assist you to validate and fast-track the development of your concept/business to become investment ready.  The course is designed by successful entrepreneurs and early-stage investors to help you to: find your passion and drive; develop and demonstrate strategic clarity of your business idea; determine the potential of the idea; and provide you with the practical tools that are vital to chart your pathway forward.  The program will assist you to understand your strengths and avoid pitfalls.  It will impart what you need to do and where you need to be to acquire early revenue, and what is needed to gain the attention of local Angel investors. You will be expected to pitch to real angel Investors.

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